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Location 🚊

Azure Bootcamp Switzerland takes place at Welle 7. Welle7 is located in the very heart of beautiful city of Bern: between work and home, between Geneva and Zurich – at the railway station Bern PostParc.

WELLE 7 Bern
Schanzenstrasse 5
CH-3008 Bern

Please use public transportation, there is only limited parking available on site

In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe when he visited Bern in 1779: β€œSie ist die SchΓΆnste, die wir je gesehen haben” (β€œIt is the most beautiful [city] we have ever seen”). The Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the heart of Bern and invite for a leisurely stroll before or after the conference.

City of Bern
Building Welle7 at railway station Bern PostParc
Picture of the presenters and audience at the keynote session of Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2022